What to Know About LED Light Sources?

What to Know About LED Light Sources?

What to Know About LED Light Sources?

Candlelight (Candela), also known as “candela”, is defined as a cubic centimeter of black illuminator heating, until the illuminant will dissolve into a liquid, 1 / 60 of the amount of light emitted is the standard light source, and Candlelight is the unit of light emitted by this standard source.

2. What is luminous flux? What is its unit?

The luminous flux (φ) is defined as the energy emitted by a point source or a non-point source in a unit of time, in which a visual person (a radiant flux that a person can perceive) is called a luminous flux. The unit of luminous flux is lumens (abbreviation lm), and lumens (lumen or lm) are defined as the luminous flux of a light source of an international standard candle that passes through a unit of solid arc angle.

3. What is the luminous intensity (light intensity)?

Luminous intensity (light intensity, I) is defined as: the luminous flux emitted by the light source in a unit solid angle in a given direction is defined as the light intensity (degree) of the light source in that direction. The common unit is candlelight (cd, candela) ), an international candlelight is defined as the luminosity of a candle made of whale fat burning 120 grams per hour, one grid of cold equals 0.0648 grams.

4. What is color temperature?

The color temperature is not only the scale indicating the light color of the light source, but also the most common indicator of the spectral quality of the light source. The unit is K (Kelvin) and is generally divided into international standard and Chinese standard.

International standards

a. low color temperature 2700K-3500K
b. medium color temperature 3500K-4500K
c. high color temperature 5500K-6500K

Chinese standards

a. incandescent lamp 2700K,
b. warm white 3000K,
c. white 3500K,
d. cool white 4000K,
e. neutral white 5000K,
f. daylight color 6500K,

These generally use a variety of color temperature lamps according to requirements. Generally speaking, the warm color is 2700K. It is mostly used for bars and family bedrooms. It looks warm and comfortable. The 4000K color temperature is mostly used in food stores and bakeries, making the food look fresh and attractive. Most office lighting venues such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, and underground garages use 6500K fluorescent tubes, which look clear and bright.

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