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    Battery Powered Camping Lantern

    C-STAR battery powered camping lanterns are designed of high-low-strobe-off, the cob led lantern is able to emit a massive 1000 lumen of brightness on the highest setting lasting for over 7 hours, but can stretch things to over 30 hours on the low setting.

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    Rechargeable Camping Lantern

    Rechargeable camping lantern is equipped with a USB charge in the middle of body to recharge the inner lithium battery. That USB charger meets multi-purposes for charging smart phone, tablet or digital camera also work to charge the tough light. The brightness of the lantern can reach over 1000 lumens, which is very bright at night. It's also durable, with a rubberized, water-resistant housing, and it can double as an overhead light by taking the globe off and hanging it upside down.

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    Tent Light

    The rechargeable camping tent light is small but bright enough, compart in design with a light weight. It can be put into the handbag or backpack without taking up a bunch of space. There are two magnets on the base if user wants to stick this to a metal surface, like a bike, car, or a tent pole. This camping lights for tents also can be hung using two metal loops on the base.

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