What Is a Good Headlamp for Camping?

What kind of headlamp are you looking for There are many LED camping headlamps out there, getting to know of which features will fit camping is very basic, which help you pick the best led headlamp flashlight for outdoor activities. 1. Headlamp functions 1.1 Waterproof It is inevitable to encounter

How to Use LED Headlamps Correctly?

LED headlamps are one of the best tools for outdoor camping, they are used whether for hiking or camping tents. From parts of the headlamp, the button switch on the outdoor headlamp usually adopts a 3W high-power lamp tube, which uses the lens to collect and reflect the light, and

What to Know About LED Light Sources?

What to Know About LED Light Sources? Candlelight (Candela), also known as “candela”, is defined as a cubic centimeter of black illuminator heating, until the illuminant will dissolve into a liquid, 1 / 60 of the amount of light emitted is the standard light source, and Candlelight is the unit

Choosing a Super LED Flashlight of Long Lifetime

For LED flashlight, many people are concerned about the problem of lifetime first, but there are many unstable factors in theoretical life and actual life, which determine how long time will it be used. Generally, the lifetime of a LED fashlight is affected by: 1) The life of the illuminant

How to Pick a Good Outdoor LED Camping Lantern?

Outdoor LED camping lanterns are very popular nowadays since more youngers are enjoying themselves in going camping. So, what is a brilliant camping lantern? The function of the camping lantern should meet actual needs, not simply be the brighter the better. Best camping lamp is multi-featured and well designed from

Company Outing Notice

To increase the communications among colleagues ,we will organized this touring to BeiJing during 26–28th of Oct,2018. Will show more pictures after touring .  

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