Choosing a Super LED Flashlight of Long Lifetime

Choosing a Super LED Flashlight of Long Lifetime

For LED flashlight, many people are concerned about the problem of lifetime first, but there are many unstable factors in theoretical life and actual life, which determine how long time will it be used. Generally, the lifetime of a LED fashlight is affected by:

1) The life of the illuminant

CREE’s theoretical life is about 50,000 hours under the current of 350mA. When the current is 1 A, and within the difference of different barrel heat dissipation, the actual life of the flashlight is unknown.

2) The life of the circuit

The risk is really huge if the design of circuit is so complex but messy. In other words, the simpler the circuit, the less likely the problem is. The life of the circuit is related to the practical time, frequency, heat dissipation of the circuit, quality of the electronic components, etc.

3) The rationality of the structure of the barrel

The barrel also affects the service life of the flashlight, such as heat dissipation, sealing, quality of components (such as switches).

Super LED flashlight, its biggest selling point is reliability. Carrying it, you can choose the most appropriate brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, search, etc., while saving valuable electrical energy. At the same time, multi-level dimming technology has also derived a number of auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signal, you can send a distress signal to the search and rescue using it. The general light flashlight has 5 modes, with strong light, medium light, low light, strobe, and SOS.

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