How to Use LED Headlamps Correctly?

How to Use LED Headlamps Correctly?

LED headlamps are one of the best tools for outdoor camping, they are used whether for hiking or camping tents. From parts of the headlamp, the button switch on the outdoor headlamp usually adopts a 3W high-power lamp tube, which uses the lens to collect and reflect the light, and adjusts the concentrated light to the telescope. Its farthest range is 100 meters. Correctly picking and use of the LED headlamps can make your outdoor activities more convenient and safer.

1. Headlamps or flashlights are quite important tools, but you must remove the batteries to avoid corrosion when not in use.

2. There is a few waterproof headlamps. It is key to buy such a headlamp as the weather in the wild is not something that you can manipulate. C-star committed to research waterproof, the headlamp of that is best led headlamp for hiking, hunting and fishing.

3. Comfortable cushion is needed for headlamp holder, and some are like a pen hanging around the ear.

4. The switch of the lamp holder must be durable. The switch design of the lamp holder is preferably a groove, if you feel that there will be problems during the travel process, it is best to use the patch Hold close, remove the bulb or remove the battery.

5. If it is night climbing, it is best to use the headlamp of the bulb as the main light source, because its effective distance of light is at least 10 meters (25 batteries), and also 6 to 7 hours of normal Brightness, and most of them can be rainproof, and then bring two spare batteries for one night without worrying (don’t forget to bring a spare flashlight, use it when changing batteries).

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