What Is a Good Headlamp for Camping?

What Is a Good Headlamp for Camping?

What kind of headlamp are you looking for There are many LED camping headlamps out there, getting to know of which features will fit camping is very basic, which help you pick the best led headlamp flashlight for outdoor activities.

1. Headlamp functions

1.1 Waterproof

It is inevitable to encounter rainy weather in outdoor camping, hiking or other nighttime work, so the headlights must be waterproof, otherwise it will cause short circuit of the circuit to cause extinction or light and darkness, causing safety hazards in the dark.

When purchasing the led headlamp flashlight, it is necessary to see if there is a waterproof logo, and it must be greater than the waterproof level of IXP3 or above. The greater the number of waterproofing, the better the waterproof performance (the waterproof rating is not tired here).

1.2 Resistance to falling

A good performance headlamp must have resistance to impact (impact resistance), the general test method is 1 meter high free fall without damage, in outdoor sports may also be worn because of wearing loose. The reason for slipping down, if the shell is cracked due to falling, the battery is disconnected or the internal circuit is faulty, even if it is a terrible thing to look for the battery in the dark, so this headlight is definitely not safe.

When in shopping, you should also see if there is any anti-fall mark, or the word asks the owner of the headlights to resist the fall.

1.3 Low temperature resistance

This feature is mainly for outdoor activities in the northern region and high altitude areas, especially the headlight flashlight of the split battery box. If the headlights of inferior PVC wires are used, it is very likely that the wire skin is hard due to the cold. It becomes brittle, causing the internal core to break.

If you want to use outdoor camping headlights at low temperatures, you must pay more attention to the cold-resistant design of the product when in purchasing.

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