Production Capabilities

C-Star built a new factory since 2016, there are more than 100 milling machines and 70 staffs now. Passed BSCI, ISO9000, SA8000 test, C-Star is capable for any bulk order. With kinds of test apparatus, such as integrating sphere, IPX7 test equipment, salt spray test machine, every series product will be tested in a standard condition.

C-star has a powerful quality control team, which is responsible for any quality problem even some invisible defect. For our documentation department, they have over 10-years experience in solving any emergency.

As for all products are purchased from C-Star, especially for powerful LED flashlights and LED lanterns, complete after-sales service will be provided. During two years after purchase of products (exclude special parts, e.g. Battery), we will assist our clients to solve any problem on quality aspect due to manufacture issues. Moreover, professional technical support is provided to ensure that each customer will save time and money during all process.


About Order

1. For some reason, could I change my order?

For order issues, you can ask our sellers, Phone: +8657488120798; Email:

2. How can I know the status of my order?

The status of order can be asked from seller.

3. Do you have local dealer in certain countries?

No,we do not develop dealer yet.

4. Can we pay by palpal?

Yes, paypal is avaliable.

About Product Supports

1. How long is your product warrenty?

12 months.

2. Do you have water resistance test for your products and what is the IP class?

Yes. Regularly, the IP class of our powerful flashlights is IPX 4.

3. Does headlamps meet the standard NFPA


4. Do you have AC adapters for certain countries?


5. What rechargeable torchs can you recommended?

We have many rechargeable torchs, such as D009-1BL,D009-1BL V2,D083-1BL,D083-2BL,D026-L,D001-L, etc.

6. What is the power consumption of your powerful LED lights?

The output depends on the bulb used, the output interval of our powerful LED flashlights is normally 3W~15W.

7. What is the weight of your LED lights?

The weight of lights depends on the size of them. For example, the weight of pen light D084-1AAA is only 18.2g, and the camping lantern D002-4AA can reach 342g.

8. How long do the batteries last and what type of the batteries?

The duration depends on the capacity of battery. For dry battery, it can be devided into AAA, AA, C and D cell.In conclusion, the specific light duration will be listed in product characteristics.

About Shipping

1. Could I know how is the shipping rate calculated?

It depends products volume and weight. You can ask detailed questions to our sllers, they are pleased to answer. Phone: +8657488120798; Email:

2. How long will it be before I receiving my order?

Normally,it takes 35-45 days after the order is settled.

3. When will I get order after I placing an order online?

The order will be sent within 3 working days.

4. Our fair is coming, what is the fastest way to get my products?

Yes,express will be faster.

5. I want to ensure process of my order, how can i track my order?

You can ask our sllers.

6. What is your shipping schedule?

The shipping schedule will be arranged after the order settled. For more detail information about shipping schedule, you can ask our seller.

7. How are orders shipping and delivered to my destination?

By air, ocean shipping and express.

8. Do you sell direct to customer(B2C)?

Yes,we do. But we have minimum quantity for products sell.

9. I am in USA, do you ship internationally?


10. What forms of payments do you accept?

Normally, T/T 30% Despoit, T/T the balance after faxing the B/L.

About C-star

1. What is C-star?

Chinastar or C-star is a China LED lights manufacturer, which is profeesional in powerful LED flashlights, camping lantern , headlamp and DIY working lights.

2. How long has C-star been in business?

The founder Mr Jeffery has been in this field for over 20 years, and C-star is built in 2011.

3. How long have you been making LED flashlights?

More than 9 years.

4. Can you sell only 1 quantity for customer?

No. We are supplier of lights manufacture, which provide solutions for importer, promotion market, brand dealer and so on.

5. Do you sell internationally or domestic?

Yes,our major market is in North America and Europe, our products are well popular in those country.

6. Are you a publicly traded company or factory?

C-star is a LED lights manufature with independent export rights.

7. How many counteries are your lights in?

More than 20 counteries, such as USA, Canada, UK,German,Japan,finland,Sweden and so on.

8. Where are your products made?

Most products of us made in China.

9. How do I become a dealer?

We do not develop dealer yet.

1O. Do you make the leds by yourself?

No,the bulb used regularly is Cree and luminars.

About Features

1. COB Ring

The new “O” ring COB technology is twice as bright and lasts three times longer than normal camping lights.

2. Auto-Lock

When zooming in and out, auto-lock function locks the head at any position to add more comfort and safety for the user.

3. Four Lighting Modes

Powerful LED flashlight can go between high, medium, low, and emergency strobe mode with a push of its tail cap switch button.

4. SOS Setting

The colored flashlight with zoom function can be fit for emergency situations.

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