Why Choose Us

Innovation: A Core Value

ChinaStar has a great track record for innovating unique products due to our experienced R&D and design team. For us, it’s important to implement new technologies, new applications into our products.We provide creative, practical and durable LED lighting with the highest quality for customers.


OEM/ODM: Supporting your Brand

ChinaStar has an excellent technical department and the latest equipment, including 3D printer to support our customer in their product development. Our our engineering department use the latest 3D software to make sure all files are compatible with


Compliance: Peaceful Mind

We are working with Walmart, Target, Bass Pro Shops , Carrefour, Lidl , Aldi & Flambeau Inc. directly or through their domestic buyers. We are very familiar with the requirements for most importers from USA, Canada and Europe. Our compliance team is up to date with the latest requirements for social and work environment audits. We take the compliance requirements very seriously to make sure our customers will have the best price for their products with-out sacrificing the daily environment of our workers.


Quality Control: No worry about quality

ChinaStar has an entire production process for orders, which is efficient, scientific and reasonable. As for every single order, we do have the sealed sample which is confirmed by the customer. At the same time, we allocate inspections for the raw materia, products while in the production process, products before packing and the whole products after finishing packing which inspection is based on AQL2.5 standard(or higher standards as customers required). And our factory is BSCI, ISO9000, SA8000 audited.


On Time Delivery: Ready, Set, Go

ChinaStar’s most important rule is: we can never deliver late to our customer! As such, We don’t take no for an answer or it can’t be done. We bring a robust infrastructure to support this. Once we agree on a ship date, this date is when the goods must be shipped out. Our Customers know exactly and count on uS and we never disappoint them.


Service: Where we really shine

As for all products are purchased from ChinaStar, we provide a full set of after-sale protection. In 2 years after selling the products(exclude special parts, e.g. Battery), we will face and assist our clients to solve any problem on quality aspect. We also give our best to cooperate and support our clients when they have any of difficult in the sales process. C-Star offers assistance for clients of growth and development. After confirmation of the contract, we will provide professional technical support to ensure that clients will be able to have a better grasp.

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